Supervision of the Works on Site

The Generators Machines performs major overhauling and reconstruction of large units in cooperation with Elektroremont Subotica on site, i.e. at the place of exploitation.

Services carried out on site are:

  • Dismantling and assembling generator parts.
  • Servicing the generator.
  • Repair of rotor pole windings and stator windings.
  • Re-insulation of the rotor pole winding.
  • Replacement of insulating material on the stator segment joints.
  • Replacement of the rotor pole windings and stator winding.
  • Reconstruction of generator elements.
  • Replacement of slot wedges of the stator winding.
  • Manufacturing spare parts for generators.
  • Manufacturing the rotor pole windings and entire rotor poles.
  • Dynamic balancing of the rotor in its own bearings.
  • Aggregate alignment.

Tasks of the Generators Machines engineering team:

  • Preparation of construction documentation and technical instructions.
  • Preparation of Gantt charts of works and determining the structure and number of necessary workers.
  • Preparation of a study on Safety and Health at work and site arrangement.
  • Supervision and management of works on site.