Generators Machines

GENERATORS MACHINES was established in 2015. The founder of the company is Elektroremont Subotica.

The newly established company, with Elektroremont and IEE Marcianise, Italy, make the ITALIAN GROUP.

The new company was founded as a result of the tendency to continue with development, adoption of new technologies and acquisition of new segments of the market.

Conquering the technology of designing and manufacturing of new generators, as well as providing repair, reconstruction and supervision services for hydroelectric and turbo-generators is a logical continuation of the founder’s development path.

Generators Machines is a design bureau comprised of engineers in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering with years of experience in the field of design, production, overhaul, reconstruction and supervision of hydroelectric and turbo-generators. The long experience of our engineers is supported by enviable personal references.

The Generators Machines design bureau has state-of-the-art equipment, hardware and software for design, calculation and simulation.

In addition to the Inventor , modeling and simulation software, and the AutoCad drawing software, our engineers also developed auxiliary programs in MathCad for electromagnetic, ventilation and heat calculations.

In addition to the design software, other Microsoft applications are used in the bureau for planning, data processing and administration.

Generators Machines in cooperation with Elektroremont with such equipment, is able to provide all services in the field of design, production, overhaul, reconstruction and supervision of works on hydroelectric and turbo-generators.


The Generators Machines mission is a leading position in the production and repair of hydroelectric and turbo-generators, both in Serbia and abroad, and is reflected in the company's motto.


Our vision of development is creation of a strategic approach to the market and customers, constantly insisting on quality, developing mutual trust and providing real assistance to our clients.


Our goal is to improve the quality of providing services in the field of design, overhaul, reconstruction, supervision and execution of works on hydroelectric and turbo-generators.


Generators Machines achieves this goal by implementing and continually improving the system of quality management, which includes:

  • Identifying and managing processes that contribute to customer satisfaction and implementation of measures for enhancement of user satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of products and services.
  • Developing partnership relations with all interested parties.
  • Continuous modernization of equipment and training of employees.