Generators Machines | Subotica

GENERATORS MACHINES is a company specialized for design, preparation of technical documentation, supervision of construction and installation of elements, supervision of the commissioning of new and overhauled hydroelectric and turbo-generators. Well-trained and professionally specialized personnel, with the knowledge of state-of-the-art technology and technical standards, guarantee a high quality of services.

GENERATORS MACHINES is technically equipped for providing design services in a modern design bureau, and can provide overhauling, reconstruction and supervision of works on hydroelectric and turbo-generators in the highly equipped workshops of Elektroremont Subotica


The Generators Machines mission is a leading position in the production and repair of hydroelectric and turbo-generators, both in Serbia and abroad, and is reflected in the company's motto.


Our vision of development is creation of a strategic approach to the market and customers, constantly insisting on quality, developing mutual trust and providing real assistance to our clients.


Our goal is to improve the quality of providing services in the field of design, overhaul, reconstruction, supervision and execution of works on hydroelectric and turbo-generators.


Services | Design, Overhaul, Supervision

The Generators Machines designs and, in cooperation with the founder, Elektroremont doo Subotica, manufactures hydroelectric and turbo-generators. A highly skilled and professionally trained team comprised of engineers, technicians and workers with great experience, guarantees reliability and high quality to our customers in Serbia and the European Union.

The Generators Machines and Elektroremont Subotica are companies specialized in overhauling and reconstruction of hydroelectric generators of up to 300 MVA power and turbo-generators up to 200 MVA. Major overhauls and reconstructions are carried out on site, and overhauls of smaller compact units are carried out in the workshops of Elektroremont Subotica.

The Generators Machines performs major overhauling and reconstruction of large units in cooperation with Elektroremont Subotica on site, i.e. at the place of exploitation. The Generators Machines engineering teams task are preparation of construction documentation and technical instructions, resources planning and supervision of the works on site.